Raj Kotecha shares his thoughts on BTR with Purpose of Finance Podcast

September 5th, 2022

Purpose of Finance project aims to repair disconnect between society and financial services sector


Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC), Amro’s investment partner at The Wiltern, our Build to Rent project currently under construction in Ealing, invited Raj Kotecha to take part in its Purpose of Finance webinar series.


The episode explored why Build to Rent is the perfect vehicle for institutional capital seeking a long-term ESG-friendly investment – and the reasons why this long-term strategy is critical to building successful integrated communities and enabling a whole life carbon approach to net zero.

Raj said: “Build to Rent is a sector that lends itself to long-term institutional capital because it’s income-generating and residential rents have historically grown in line with inflation.


“We seek to be at the leading edge of capability from an ESG perspective on all the projects we’re bringing forward as developers and operators. The built environment contributes 35-40% of the planet’s carbon emissions, so it’s imperative that we in the sector do all we can to improve the carbon footprint of our buildings.

“In terms of ESG and its importance to investors, we’ve seen quite a rapid change over the last 24 – 36 months, from ‘this is interesting, we should be doing more’, to ‘this is now at the centre of everything we do’. The long-term perspective of institutional investors such as PIC in Build to Rent allows for interesting and sensible discussions about the investments that need to go into a building that will impact its performance over its full lifecycle.”


Click here to listen to the full webinar.

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